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Decisions Decisions

For many of us - it's been an exciting and yet nerve racking time for those younger members of our families. This year it has to be said has been especially uncertain and stressful.

GCSE results have arrived (parties are limited this year as a result of COVID19) , A level results delivered and graduation for those leaving University education.

Now those are all a cause for celebration! Congratulations to all of our future doctors, lawyers, office workers, retail workers, bloggers and well.... you get the picture. This is just the start of your journey to brilliance whatever it is that you want to do.

I remember not being able to leave school quick enough- I skipped out of the gates and never looked back. I wanted a job and I wanted to grow up and I never wanted to do another English or Maths lesson ever again! But, if I knew then what I know now then - I'm pretty sure it would have been a different path. I'm not sure it would have been a better one.... just different.

I would have worked harder on my education, I would have done the things I wanted to (drama school was what I really wanted!) I would have asked for more help and pushed myself. But the opportunity for all of you graduating or leaving school is endless, exciting, daunting and now is the time to plan something! Making good decisions and learning from your mistakes will become an ever turning circle of events.

I never had the resource of the internet 30 years ago - just a careers officer who suggested I should work with people! Wow - insightful.... and that's is exactly what I did. I know that any job I do must include working with people. It's what gets me up in the morning - but I think it is luck not judgement that my careers person helped me decide that path at 15 years of age. The resource today is endless via social media, web and education facilities.

My eldest daughter has a really clear direction for what she wants to do - and she's off to Cardiff to study it. It's what SHE wants and she's making HER decisions. That is how it should be - and we as a family are there to guide her and help her make the decision that best suits her. The same as we'll do for her sister when she's ready post GCSE's to decide her journey.

So lets not push too hard as parents and family supporters - we are here to listen, support and give them our wisdom. But certainly not to tell, expect, or to make sure that they do something that we want them to do.

All of you making decisions for your future - make choices that ensure you LOVE what you do. Have a passion, have fun - you will spend more time at work over the next 30+ years than you will with your own family and friends! So make it a good one, set your ambition and a plan - however simple, to help you achieving your dreams. But the path doesn't always run smooth - and what you start out at may very well change many times throughout your life time. That's OK too.

If you are looking to work post A levels or Uni, you can find some hints and tips on CV's, interview and planning here.

And if you are reading this and thinking you wish you had done the same, surely it's never too late for you too - is it? Make a brave decision - do something that you're passionate about, that makes you smile and adds value to your life.

Don't look back and wonder why you didn't.

If you're looking for a coach to help you navigate things I can help. I offer a free 30 minute session to discuss how coaching could work for you. Contact me via the website or any of my social channels.

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