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Who said you can't?

I'm a believer that you can absolutely achieve whatever you want to - our only blocker is us.

When Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile, it was something that no one thought was possible in fact people said that anyone that did it would die! When he achieved that goal - he said 'that must mean I am dead then?'.

Because it isn't the physical that stops us it is the psychological. The inner doubt, the self critic, the imposter. We believe or don't believe we can do things from what we learn as children, from those around us and what we read and see on social media.

But if we stopped and thought that all around us there are people in the world doing amazing things. Physical achievements, pushing bodies to the limit, training them to do extraordinary things. Scientific brilliance, curing diseases and virus' that have never been done before to save lives. Survival in situations where others would perish. That is down to people making decisions to do things when others fail, having the belief in themselves to push, try, fail, but ultimately to focus on goals that we would shy away from.

'However ordinary each of us must seem, we are all in some way special and can do things that are extraordinary, perhaps until then... even thought them impossible.' Sir Roger Bannister

So what if we did just try do something out of the ordinary? What if you did do that thing that you've 'always' wanted to do? We've all said that we always wanted to but couldn't, with a thousand reasons that really don't logically make sense - they are psychological barriers that we create for ourselves. Is it the safety net of not wanting to fail, for others not to laugh at us if we get it wrong - or to avoid disappointing those around us?

So what? If that happens and people laugh - do we actually want those people to be the ones that should be waving the flags and helping us to achieve greatness around us?

Make a list of the to do's for your life. Be creative and push the boundaries of what you want to achieve - this last 12 months has shown that life is precious and can be over without warning.

So if not now then when? If someone says it can't be done - defy them.

Roger did.

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