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About Adrian 

Thanks for visiting me here!  Now that you have found me, if you want to make changes to your life, challenge yourself to achieve something you thought impossible or improve your work-life balance, then I can help you. 

I've been a senior leader in large businesses and have over 30 years of experience coaching and developing people to be their best. I have a kit bag full of experience, skills, and techniques I've learned over many years. I'm a Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter Business School and an accredited Belbin Practitioner. If you are looking for guidance and inspiration to get the best from you or your team - then make contact. I'm an ultra-marathon runner - I regularly challenge myself to achieve goals that previously thought impossible. Relating this to your or your business, I can support you with setting your own goals and successfully achieving them. 

We all have strengths, but sometimes when we need them the most we are either out of practice,  lack confidence or the dreaded 'self saboteur' kicks in. 

I offer creative and supportive coaching, mentoring and career planning, which we can do face to face or remotely. I also thrive when working with teams of people, leaders and businesses to focus on people development, strategies or business improvement. If you are looking for someone to motivate teams on setting and achieving goals, team working or change. I am a confident speaker who is able to share experience, theories and anecdotes to inspire action.

Check out my recommendations page or look at my LinkedIn profile. 

If you want to move your life, career or your own business to greater success then get in touch. We can talk about what you want and how together we can take you to a new level.


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