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I've been meaning to write this for a few weeks. I think when I said I would write a blog - I would be good at doing it regularly. But the fact is I get distracted easily - if you know me you will know this!

I've been on a course this week to become a Belbin practitioner - I'm waiting to see that I've been accredited. It's a behavioural model that looks at teams and peoples natural behaviour in the work place. Have a look it's really interesting - more from that another time! But the point is that I have learnt that my natural skills and behaviours are to be celebrated and used to best effect - we spend a lifetime trying to make ourselves better at the things that cause us the most misery!

I'm a resource investigator - this is what my report said 'You appear to be an energetic, driven individual, with an affinity for fast moving situations' - that sounds like me. But also - 'your judgements may be too swayed by emotions rather than dispassionate reasoning' - that sounds like me too!

I changed my life 16 months ago. I moved from a full time busy role that I had enjoyed for a long time. I started with nothing when I left. But since then I've got a number of new roles. It's fast paced and exciting - balancing everything and being busy is what I thrive on (as it says above). The difference is I am doing things for me too - learning new things and making a difference (I hope!) to others. I'm coaching small business owners, individuals who want to move their career on, or who are studying for their degree and need some guidance.

I've played my part in writing a regulated business plan to start up a bank - from scratch. That included writing the people and culture plans for the business. How do you create a business that truly has people at it's core - and deliver it? I'm proud of what I've written - I researched and learned what the best companies do and created a vision for a business that will always put it's people and customers first.

I also work for one of the best Universities in the U.K. I have the privilege of supporting senior people who are doing their MBA's - one of the toughest learning journeys in their careers. It's rewarding to guide them on those journeys.

You probably know all of this if you follow me (its_only_adrian_ if you don't!) - so why tell you?

Because you can bounce back. I bounced back. You can make a change if you want to and be successful. Understand what you are good at and make the very most of those things - use your talent - everyone of us has talent. But also be mindful of the things that can drag you back or contribute to you making bad decisions. Have people around you that tell you when it's going well and highlight the things that don't help situations.

But listen to ALL of them. I am guilty of not always listening - letting emotion take over and becoming caught in a fog of feelings (also see above). That's who I am - I can't change that, but I can be aware of it and try to use those around me to help me keep that in check.

I've had many times when I needed to bounce back. I think I have 'bouncebackability'! I'm proud of that fact - even though I haven't always made 'good' decisions' - I'm human.

What have you bounced back from? What do you still want to do with your life? When did you last reflect on the successes of your journey so far?

Life is too short to worry about what you did or didn't do - but you can change things.

Live every day like it could be your last - find the things that you love and enjoy them. Be around the people that make you happy. Change things that cause you unhappiness.

Because you can.

If you are interested in learning more about your profile with Belbin - then get in contact. If you are looking for some coaching for your business, career or just for your life direction then I can help. Look at my services page for my fees. I offer a free 30 minute consultation - and if you use the code blog20, that will give you 50% off your first session.

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