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'From Couch to 250k'

‘Adrian Ball is an ultra-marathon runner with a story like no other! 

Having never bought a pair of running shoes 5 years ago, Adrian has transformed from a non-runner to becoming a multistage ultra-marathon runner across the globe. Taking part in events from 50-kilometre day events to 250-kilometre, 5-day, multistage events across desert terrain. 

What’s even more inspiring is that he has done this with no official coaching and at the age of 50 has just completed his 10th ultra-marathon event, placing 4th in the over 50 category. All this for someone who 15 years ago battled with a cancer diagnosis that he fought and won. 

‘From couch to 250km’ is his keynote speech, in which he talks about resilience. How do you focus on success and achievement when the odds are against you? How can you achieve anything if you truly put your mind to it? '

If you want to know more click the link below and get in touch. 

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