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The 'new normal'

Everyone is talking about it right?

What's your new normal going to be? At home, in the office, different hours, different role? It could be all of those things - one things for sure the world and our lives won't ever be the same.

I've taken lots of positives from this last 10 weeks or so. My life changed when my Mum died in January - she had a very short illness after being in quite poor health for a couple of years. It was still a shock - knowing that you don't have your parents with you any more is pretty daunting even at 46. You're still someones child.

And then comes along a pandemic of epic proportions - I hadn't had time really to gather my thoughts and there it was. Social contact, friends, family, work - all on hold.

But I chose to use the opportunity to refocus. I had a career up until last year that I loved and thrived on ( so I thought). But it was destructive and made me self destruct - I worked silly hours, travelled silly miles and spent too much time on my phone. It was the main thing I focused on - I was a workaholic. I loved it and it consumed me. But it meant I didn't have enough time for me, my family and taking care of myself.

I've only just acknowledged that.

I've had some pretty serious health issues in the past - I hope that they are done and dusted, but you always look over your shoulder thinking 'will it be back'. I don't want to risk that. So I needed to eat better, sleep better and take exercise more often. After all - I'm heading to 50 with no real evidence of taking enough care!

The pandemic has allowed me some time. To grieve - for my Mum, to adapt to a new way of working and to take care. I work for a start up ethical bank and I'm an associate lecturer at a University - I love both of those things. But I've also connected with some of my friends in a different way, trying to give them more of my time. I do like to help others - but I've made sure that it's on my terms and always making sure the balance of focus is in my favour.

So it's all quite revelatory this 'new normal' - and I have to say I am quite liking it.

I'd like you to think about a few things as I sign off:-

  • Are you making the most of you at work, at home and in your life generally?

  • What can you do to make a difference to it? After all it is in your hands to change.

  • Have you got the right balance to have time for you and to exercise/eat/be kind?

I hope you have - if not use these times to make a change, it only has to be small. But, it should always be focused around being the best version you can be - for you. Feel free to add your comments below.

If you need some guidance - check out my services page to see how I could help you.

I update my Instagram page daily with my exploits - @its_onlyadrian_

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1 comentario

03 jun 2020

I'd welcome hearing what you've been up to during lockdown. What are you planning to start or keep doing as a result?

Me gusta
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