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What's stopping you?

We all have things that we want to do in our lives - but sometimes the only thing that is stopping us from achieving our own brilliance is us.

I talk a lot to clients about what are their strengths, what is it that stands them out from the crowd? The real truth is many of us don't spend anytime thinking about it. It is a human downfall to keep trying to improve all of the time, taking feedback and bettering ourselves on the things we often loath. Because they just don't float our boats - we are all individual and we should be thinking about what makes us smile and enjoy our lives at work.

And the same can be said for our home lives as well as work. We spend our lives making others happy - our boss, our families, our children. But did you ever stop and think whether it is making you happy? I'm sure at some point we've all stopped and said in our heads 'why am I doing this?'

Obvious? Maybe - but when did you last review your life? Are you fulfilling your dream and enjoying ever single day?

I had cancer 11 years ago - it was pretty rubbish. In fact it was life threateningly rubbish. I had a year off work and left an employer that I didn't think cared about me enough at a time when I had given a lot. I said then that I wouldn't ever do that again.

And having recently left another company - I don't know that I actually gave myself time and asked myself those questions about when I should have done. I've had a blast the last 10 years - I've met great people, some of the best in fact in my life. They made an impression on me - they changed me for the better and they cared. Some didn't.

But was I doing it all for me? Was I fulfilling my desires and dreams? I'm still working through that one. I am hugely proud of being in banking 30 years this week - I left school got a job and I've done all right for myself. But I have much still to achieve - and now more than ever I have the desire to do it.

Now is the time to embrace being at this point in my career - and do things differently. Learn new things, be myself more of the time and focus on looking after what is important to me first and foremost.

So what about you?

Don't keep thinking about it - do something. Get out and live your dream, do something that makes you smile. You never know what is round the corner - I was given one very big chance 11 years ago and I want to use every moment to be happy with my choices.

So don't do it for others, don't do it for your boss, don't do it to get a good staff review - do it because you want it for you.

What's stopping you?

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