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Training for growth

What happens when you have plants in the garden ?

Stick with me...

I’ve been saying for weeks now that I need to get some support for a clematis in the garden (google it - climbing plant, lots of flowers!). It is benefitting from the warm weather, sunshine and the odd bit of moisture in the air.

So it’s suddenly said to itself ‘right I’m off it’s time for me to party against the fence’.

But in my hesitance (I’ve had a little going on of late), I haven’t given it the advice, mentoring and development support it needs. I know, I know - cliche alert! But what is it doing without some guidance ? Well its merrily going wherever it thinks it should and is going on it's own journey - in the wrong direction


So what I need to do is give it some trellis for support, train it to follow that - because it will become stronger, more supported and at less risk of damage. Oh and it will probably flower more and look more spectacular ! I could talk to it - maybe too far ? But some kindness, care and attention in the form of water and keeping and eye that it’s following the trellis will be a good thing.

I’m hoping my brother will be impressed by my thoughts - he’s a very talented horticulturalist. I genuinely go to him, as his plant prowess is second to none.

So the learning from this ?

We all need development, support and guidance at some point - along with some kind words and care. From my experience the more you grow quickly without - the likelihood of you going in the wrong direction or breaking is higher.

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