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It’s only words

It amazes me as I read through social media, look at websites and talk to people how our language has become really complex. I don’t really know why.

My experience is that people try to out do each other by using jargon or in phrases that can make us feel - well just a little bit inadequate. But are we -really?

Of course not - but what we sometimes are, is afraid to ask people what they mean through fear of:

Looking like we are uneducated

Thinking - ‘I should know this’

Wondering what the other person will think

Trying not to show the confusion on our faces (or nervously laughing)

And so the list goes - on, but generally we worry and that’s ok. But don’t ever let it get in the way clarifying, questioning or just saying you don’t understand.

So I think we should ‘circle back on this’ as we should ‘turn the dial up on the topic’ to ensure ‘that we don’t throw the baby out with the bath water’.

And yes - I have said all of those things in the past. But as a I read them I wonder how people who work for us understand? Or do we risk isolating them from our world as leaders and make them think we are cleverer than we actually are!

Let’s keep talking normally and campaign for giving some of these cliches a poke in the ribs.

What are the ones you’d like to kick?

Be brave and change the conversation.

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