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Is being nice good for you?

Being nice doesn’t cost anything and it makes you feel good. Or does it?

Old cliche - or an ability to take a bit of control. The world we live in has too many people being mean, judging others or generally thinking about ourselves and not others - not helped by some of our beloved press.

A world where social media is king, a look, a comment a judgement gets you likes. It’s a feeling that many desire - being made to feel important, liked, loved and in someone’s thoughts - is perhaps the overriding need for us as human beings.

But is it the technology that we need or is it the need for human interaction? Do we talk enough, share or take an interest in others? There is a basic human desire for affection- that we are trying to satisfy via our phones or tablets, a like or a heart emoji, that makes us think that people care.

Ultimately being popular publically has become a focus for many. We have a generation who have a growing struggle with mental health - because they’ve experienced negative behavior or people not ‘liking’ them. Is that right? Are you guilty of the same?

A kind word for others can be the difference. A conversation. A small gesture. Being nice.

It makes people feel good - and maybe because it doesn’t happen often enough. People ask, ‘why would you do that?’ - because it’s just a good thing to do and I for one prefer to be giving out the nice vibes - try it.

A very good friend of mine talks about paying it forward - a random act of kindness. She spent a period of time just doing things for others because it was good to do. No agenda, no expectation and no ‘likes’ - just being nice is good for you. And importantly she never told people about it - until she had done it.

I tried the same - open a door for someone, help them with the case off the train, pick up a dropped bag of shopping or giving someone a coffee that can't afford it. I don't make a thing of it day to day - but it does feel good. I like it.

So next time your liking social media posts, maybe a negative rant or making fun of others...... how would being nice make them and you feel? The coming few months of political change and uncertainty means that many will be demonstrating some not 'nice' comments or behaviour - it doesn't mean you have to.

Spend the energy wisely - you might ‘like’ yourself a bit more.

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