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Get Career Fit!

Over the last week I have been thinking...

What can I really do to support others with making sure they are really ready for their careers? It struck me after a few conversations this week, that the more prepared and ready you are for the next job that comes along - the more comfortable you'll be in the interview? Simple right?

Only it's not always that easy. We are great at doing the downward self talk - that voice on our shoulder. 'You'll be rubbish', 'My examples aren't very good' or maybe 'I won't get this job anyway!'. SO STAY AT HOME! Not really - but you can take control.

Don't go into any job interview or talk to potential new employers unless you are absolutely on your A game.

I've been there - thought I would just 'breeze' through an interview and then ultimately it all goes a bit wrong. Lost for words, foggy mind - and feeling sweaty and panicky when 'that' question came up that you hoped really wouldn't.

But if you had prepared, if you had focused, if you had spent time on just how good you are and have been in the past - it may have been different.

Many of us won't even get to the interview - because you just didn't think enough of yourself. Aim high - those that do win. Those that have confidence win. Those that are prepared and practice win.

Old analogy - but an athlete wouldn't go into a 100meter final without some practice would they? But we do - we do it all the time.

So - get your head in the game and get practicing, preparing and talking yourself up.

And if you need some help with that along the way - then I can help you of course. So make contact with me by clicking the link above!

Head over to my 'chatterings' page - you can also click above- and share thoughts, tips or ask questions, to ensure that you really are getting yourself career fit!

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