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Cheesy Chips

I can safely say, I have done more self reflection and putting myself first in the last 3 months than I have for the whole of my career.

It hasn't always been a positive experience - as the negative self talk volume has been so high at times. But, it's what you actually do as a result of the positive and negative talk is what counts.

I'd like to think that in a short space of time I have a different perspective on what success means, the value of things and the importance of those around me that care.

I'm walking to work or getting the train, I bought a car which I probably drive once a week. That makes me feel good as it's a small change to supporting looking after this wonderful world we live in. Working with people that care about climate change, how the modern world isn't always a positive space to be and how we can do something about that, is liberating. It's a nice place to be. I'm eating better ( most of the time - I do love cheesy chips and I think that everything is allowed in moderation right?) exercising more and even walking the 3 miles to work when the weather is good.

We live in a fantastic part of the world and taking all of that in regularly is very good for the soul.

I'm sat blogging with some ambient chill music on, just having had a session with a new client. It was the highlight of my week. I love seeing the lights switch on with someone who is focused on them and making positive change for positive consequence ( might need to keep that strapline!).

I think at times we don't thinks it ok to put ourselves first - it absolutely is.

We live in a world of negative press, social media feeds that are focused on selling, criticism, body image and dismissing others views on positivity. It's rubbish! So some self care is a mighty fine thing I think.

Take a step to writing a list of the things you want to change and make time to do more of. Put your career aside for now or the rest of the family - this is about what brings you pleasure, indulgence and feeling great about being you. Being your best self.

And, next time you are reading something that is less than positive or hearing someone moan about the fact that there isn't enough tills open/too cold/ too hot/ etc ( add your own negative note!) Switch it off or politely walk away - because you can.

We have the choice of what we do and how we do it - so exercise those rights and get down to good old fashioned looking after yourself.

You'll feel so much better for it.

Cheesy chips anyone?

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