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But only if you ask them to!

Whether you are an established team, you are newly formed, or you've had a  change of team – the dynamics are constantly changing. So you need to be close to them, adapt the approach from time to time and ensure that you are keeping the communication open and helpful.

But how do you do that?

The impact of not communicating can be devastating for teams – we are a polite nation that doesn't like to upset each other. However, not communicating honestly and openly, you can create more problems.

Team dynamics can impact productivity, wellbeing, absence and how people feel about you as a leader. So, you need to be great at recognising when you need to be the boss and facilitate great dialogue.

We’ve all heard people talk about having an ‘open door’ policy – but having an open door and hearing isn’t enough. You need to listen properly and take the appropriate action.

So, if you think that you or your team need some work – or you need guidance on yours or your teams’ skills, then get in touch.

I can offer 1-1 guidance, support in bringing your team together or problem solving with you and your teams to make yours THE best place to work 

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