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Welcome to my blog – I’ve blogged before, but this is the first time for my own website.

As always, these are my own views, read them for what they are - an opinion. I welcome your views, but my one caveat is be kind. I will talk in later blogs about the need for more kindness in the world. With the huge surge in social media usage, we have seen an increase in opinion, unkindness and not treating each other with respect. That said, social media can play such a positive part in todays world if we choose to use it that way.

So, if it’s ok with you – lets be kind!

Through the blog I hope to be able to share some useful information, views and create discussion. It will be focused around people and leadership you won’t be surprised to hear (hence the name of the site!).

I’m a great believer that if you treat your people with respect, humility and you ask them to make decisions and be involved in your business – you will benefit. The people that you employ in whatever, roles are closer to it than most leaders. They are closer to your processes, customers or the latest view in the canteen or staff room. Failure to engage with them will leave leaders that are deemed out of touch, unapproachable and often disliked.

So, if you haven’t thought about it, then you should. In fact, I would always make it my number one priority – get to know them and them you. If you make yourself approachable people will listen. I’ve spent many a lunch or coffee break sat in the staff room listening to what the topic of conversations are, asking what’s going well and reversely what isn’t. If you ask -people tell you! Similarly, you demonstrating that you’re just a person who does a certain job and you happen to be the boss, will increase your approachability – guess what we all must put the rubbish out, change a light bulb and do the weekly/ daily food shopping. Shock horror – yes, we do! But sometimes as the boss we can seem somewhat of an enigma to our people.

So, you may not want to hear what isn’t good – but if you don’t take the time to fully understand those people that you trust to run your business every day, you very quickly will run the risk of being thought of the leader who never listens, isn’t interested or worse. And your people very often will have the best ideas on how you can be better as an employer, more productive or offer improvements to your customers.

Take time to think when you last spent the time with your people – those that keep the wheels turning?

What did you ask them?

And ultimately – did you care enough to do so?

Feel free to comment, like and share.

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